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Posted by on Jan 5, 2013 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, WOD

Outlaw Way 130105 (Food Coma)

Outlaw Way 130105 (Food Coma)

Soreness usually goes one of two directions after a workout like 130104 – you either foam roll, go to bed, and wake up pretty good; or you wake up and have to handstand walk to the bathroom because your legs won’t work. This morning was much closer to the latter. Just in time for front squats. The funny thing about alarm clocks is that they don’t give a shit about how your legs feel, they go off anyways. Ready or not, 6:05 showed up and I dragged my ass to my box for 130105.


BB Gymnastics
3 attempts to establish a 1RM Snatch. (125#, 145#, 165# miss)

3 attempts to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk. (185#, 205#, 225# miss)

Front Squats: 1X8 @ 70%, 2X5 @ 80%, 2X3 @ 85% – rest 75 sec. Based on 240# (168#, 192#, 210#)

8 min AMRAP of:

Run 200m
20 Pistols (alternating)
10 Push Jerks 145/100#

-then (no rest)-

3 min ME Lateral Burpees (over bar)

2 Rounds + 200m run & 47 burpees

I’ll be honest, I didn’t have the highest hopes for today, I was sore and it was early and maybe I was in my head a bit. Snatching actually went quite well, though there was a lot in my head. I’d just read Spencer’s post about pulling back into your shins, then there was coach Jake’s comment about pulling to my hips and keeping the bar close, and then my own cue to punch to the ceiling on the direction change to lock out the shoulders. As David pointed out after missing 165 three times, I should probably focus on fewer things on lower weights…oh well. Still it was nice to hit 145# which is only 10 under my PR, and almost hit 165# which would’ve been a new one.

The clean work went rather similarly. 205# felt pretty good – again I was happy about this as my legs were feeling smoked and I hadn’t cleaned properly in 6 weeks. 225# felt makable but something just wasn’t going right. I’ll post the miss but it really just looked like I couldn’t stabilize it at the bottom. The pull looked pretty decent, I was probably thinking too far ahead and then lost focus and just goofed the catch. Only having 3 reps to try it makes it tough to really get things properly worked out.

Holy front squats! I love squatting, I would do it every day if I could, but these were insult to injury after the conditioning yesterday. They hurt, it was doable, which I’m sure Rudy knew, but they hurt. I probably need to re-test my front squat max, I went off my 240# clean max, I’ve never maxed front squats and I missed the last day they did it. I would imagine it’s at least 15-20# heavier than 240. In any case, the sets of 5 were easily the worst thing of the day, the last set of 3 wasn’t exactly pleasant either. The conditioning work was fine, I don’t have the mobility to do full pistols yet so I did them next to the squat rack and just held on at the bottom to keep from falling over, but tried to do as much of the pressing unassisted.


This is really where the interesting part of the day ends…the only other significant moments revolve around 2 trips to Whole Foods and about 4000 calories of food. The simplest rules to recovery and building strength are eat till you’re full, then a little more, and sleep all you can. I’ve got the eating covered for today – sleep is coming shortly.




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