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Posted by on Jan 7, 2013 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Recovery, WOD

Outlaw Way 130107 (Librarian Grizzly)

Outlaw Way 130107 (Librarian Grizzly)

Somehow I’ve ended up with a lot of books. Two of which I ordered, one which I stumbled upon through podcasts and general internet ways and then decided it would be an interesting investment. The planned purchase was through Catalyst Athletics, Greg Everett’s two books “Olympic Weightlifting for Sport” and “Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes and Coaches.” I think the titles are justification enough for the purchase – I want to get better at Olympic lifting and use them to effectively improve my performance in Crossfit. Get out the post-it’s and the highlighters…these are not short books.


The second book purchase which was more of a whim came after listening to a couple podcasts and reading a few reviews. Robb Wolf’s podcast episode 160 touches on a notion called Carb Backloading. I haven’t read the book yet, but the premise is basically to use heavy resistance training and targeted insulin spikes to make large gains in strength and size without sacrificing performance or efficiency. By efficiency I of course mean remaining lean. Anyone with a sack of sweet potatoes and a tub of protein powder can add weight and strength, I want to attack it in a smarter way. Here’s hoping Carb Backloading will be my secret. It’s 327 pages and loaded with science, so I may not start implementing it right away as I like to get all the information first.


In other news – I slept for 13 hours yesterday and ate a shitload, my legs felt much improved this morning, but still probably only at about 80%. I thought I was alone here, perhaps a relic of my 5 weeks off. Talking to some other Outlaw followers at the box today though, I learned I was far from alone, coach David fell walking on Sunday, Tim and Nick were both feeling it too. I’m glad not to be alone in my dispair, it still doesn’t help that shit still hurts. Maybe 90% by tomorrow isn’t too much to ask for? I’m sure as hell eating enough.


BB Gymnastics

1) Snatch: 5X1 @ 80%, 2X1 @ 90%, 3X1 @ 95%, 8X1 @ 70% – rest 60-90 sec. between each rep through sets of 90%, then 30 sec. between each rep at 70%, reps @ 70% should be alternating between Power and full Squat
124#, 140#, 145#, 108#
2) Clean & Jerk: 5X1 @ 80%, 2X1 @ 90%, 3X1 @ 95%, 8X1 @ 70% – rest 60-90 sec. between each rep through sets of 90%, then 30 sec. between each rep at 70%, reps @ 70% should be alternating between Power and full Squat
192#, 216#, 228#, 168# (Based off 240)
192#, 205#, 215#, 168# (actually completed)

4 rounds for total working time of:

8 Hang Squat Clean to Thrusters 135/95#
12 Burpee Over-the-Box Jumps 24/20″
16 KBS 24/16kg

Rest 1:1
Rx’d 2:48, 2:54, 3:19, 3:21 = 11:42 (not great but all things considered I’m okay with that)

Let me just say I think my snatch is finally improving. I certainly still have a lot of movement impairments to flush out, these are obvious to me, but just the feeling of it is a lot better than before my injury. I now feel when I miss my hip versus when I pull into the hip pocket appropriately, and I feel the difference between getting under the bar on my heels and getting under it on my toes, which I still do far too often. The numbers though speak to this, before my injury I was struggling with 135# pretty consistently, it just wasn’t clicking. Today I got under 140# and 145# multiple times with only a few technical issues. Baby steps… The Clean work was a whole other story. Maybe it was the aching in my legs, or maybe I put too much time into the snatch but I was a mess in the clean department today. I put 135# on just to warm up and couldn’t even will myself under the bar. I think my body knew it didn’t want to have to press it up. I finally got into my working sets and it was like pulling teeth. I got through the set of 5, and the set of 2, but missed my 215# reps 4 times before calling it quits. I did the reps at 168# and then called it a day.

The conditioning work was pretty much exactly what I didn’t want to do today, maybe minus the swings, I never mind those much. With my aforementioned issues getting under 135# I was severely worried about the squat clean thrusters, after my first round I knew I was correct. I managed 6+2 on all but the last round where I did 4+3+1. The burpees were just slow and painful, I almost didn’t make the jump a few times…damn sore quads. The swings were trivial, went UB on those pretty easily.


My quest to become stronger is going well…I have proven myself worthy of eating large quantities of food. Tonight for dinner was 3 chicken breasts, 4 eggs, 3 strips of bacon, 1lb of broccoli (steamed) and a baked sweet potato. I have a feeling the Carb Backloading thing will change my approach to these feasts, but hopefully not too much. Also, my raw milk search is going well. I might have to end up driving 2 hours each way to a farm to get it, but from all I’ve heard it’s worth it…also I got a shout out on the Fitr.TV Daily BS.

That’s all the good news for today. Time to sleep.

MFS | 3-2-6

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