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Posted by on Jan 14, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Rant, WOD

Outlaw Way 130114 (My Thoughts on the AM)

Outlaw Way 130114 (My Thoughts on the AM)

Maybe I wrote off morning training a bit prematurely. I still believe that personally I prefer the afternoons, if for no other reason that there are people around to workout with. Nothing like someone better than you to push you harder. There’s also something to be said for the quality of joints in the morning versus the afternoon, by the afternoon you’ve been awake, reaching and walking, assuming you weren’t on the couch all day. My joints feel looser, more prepared for what I demand of them. This morning I had to take the extra time to really get that synovial fluid flowing and probably wasn’t really feeling 100% until well into my Snatch work. Again – I’d rather work out at 5AM everyday than not at all, and this week those are the options.


Working out in the afternoon/evening really simplifies post-workout nutrition for me as well. Ending my fast around 12:00 makes for a small lunch pre-workout and then hammering the calories between 6:30-8:30 before bed. Working out in the morning really wrenches all that up, I’m following carb backloading as much as possible, so I can’t give away his prescriptions for morning training, but suffice to say I feel rather out of my element. If you’ve bought the book I’d be more than happy to entertain e-mails about the matter. I might default back to Martin Berkhan’s LeanGains prescription of large doses of BCAA every other hour until lunch, it seems simpler to me.


3×1 – 131
4×1 – 140 (missed 3rd rep)
2×1 – 147 (missed final rep)
8×1 – 115 (alternating power and squat)

Clean & Jerk
3×1 – 205
4×1 – 215
2×1 – 228 (missed final rep)
8×1 – 180 (alternating power and squat)

50′ Prowler Push 215#
25 OHS 95#
25 T2B
50′ 215#
20 OHS
20 T2B
50′ 215#
15 OHS
15 T2B
50′ 215#



Holy Olympic work Batman! On paper it really doesn’t look like much, singles above 80% really take time, and grace, and composure. In any case, I got to the box around 5:00 and finished my last rep of snatches around 6:00, a solid hour of warmup and snatching. Without looking at any of the videos yet, I know already my snatches weren’t the cleanest. I’m struggling to use my hips correctly. I’m imbuing the bar with far too much horizontal movement rather than thinking about giving it vertical movement. That leaves the bar well outside the vertical bar path, and ends up forcing me to jump under the bar rather and more than likely leaves me on my toes with the bar well behind my shoulders.

Did you see it? I did…more practice, it’ll get better. The clean work was quite heavy as well, I’m still going off of my PR at 240, which I set back in November. It’s hard to force yourself to reset that PR level, especially after injury. Today the percentages called for 95% for 2 which would’ve been 228, the heaviest clean I’ve attempted in nearly 2 months. If you recall yesterday I hit 215 which was the heaviest I’d gone in awhile, so jumping to 228 was bold the morning after. All the more reason why I was pleased to hit it. I tried 230 shortly after but didn’t have the drive out of the bottom.

Conditioning work today called for a decently heavy prowler push for a pretty short distance, not long enough to really gas anything, but enough to keep you breathing, the worst part was dragging 215# out to the parking lot to do it for 200′ but that’s life in Outlaw land. Made for a nice cooldown dragging it all back. The OHS’s weren’t awful either, I’d had plenty of Olympic work to warm up with and the weight was moderate enough that keeping it locked overhead wasn’t terribly taxing, really I think my core destabilized before anything else, maybe the shoulders a little. I’m awful at T2B however, I get this terrible swing going that ends up ripping my hands off the bar before I’ve done 5. I also did 4×15 GHD sit-ups on Friday and I’m definitely still feeling those, so I sub’d K2E and I don’t think it hurt the goals of the conditioning. Result was 14:08, not blazing but good.


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