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Posted by on Jan 15, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Strength Training, WOD

Outlaw Way 130115 (Squat Day!)

Outlaw Way 130115 (Squat Day!)

I’m actually starting to like this morning workout idea; the only problem is sticking through the rest of the day, I can get up at 4:30, I can make it to the gym by 5:15, I can even survive the 2 hour Outlaw work, but by 8:30 after a shower I need coffee, and lots of it. If I wasn’t working all evening perhaps it would be sustainable. The better part about working out in the morning is that the gym is far less occupied. Don’t get me wrong, I love our open gym crew, but when there’s only one set of blocks and we’re all trying to do the work, well it gets a bit tedious. I heard rumor of a competitors class starting up soon – so hopefully that might alleviate some of the burden. Who knows maybe I’ll make this morning thing a regular occurrence.


(P.S. My free rogue shirt came today, gotta love free shit! and coffee!)


BB Gymnastics
1) 5X3 Snatch from Blocks (just above knee)– heavy but perfect, rest 60 seconds
Worked up to 135#

2) 5X3 Clean from Blocks (just above knee) + 1 Push Jerk – heavy but perfect, rest 60 sec.
Worked up to 185#

3a) 3X3 5-Step Duck Walk – heavy, rest 60 sec. 95#
3b) 3X5 Snatch Grip Push Press 135#

HBBS: 2X5 @ 80%, 2X3 @ 85%, 3X1 @ 90% – rest 60 sec.

Based off 320# 1RM: 2×5 @ 255#, 2×3 @ 275#, 3×1 @ 290#


5 rounds for total working time of: 19:32

3 Muscle-Ups + 5 Ring Dips
15 KBS 32/24kg
50 Double-Unders

Rest 1:1


I always forget how grueling Outlaw Tuesday’s are until I’m in the middle of it. In that little e-mail it looks so nice and concise, a little technique work, some strength, some squats, and a metcon. Holy cow though it took me an hour just to get to the squats, maybe I’m doing it wrong…I do spend a good deal of time and effort warming up and trying to make sure my technique is as good as it can be on a given day. The focus on the block work was making sure to pull back into my hips and stay on my heels, accelerating the bar upwards from my hips not outwards. I say these things like I did them, in a perfect world I could think these things and do them and be an amazing a perfect world. Clearly I did not do most of those things…one day I’ll get better at this shit.

Duck walks blow. I’m not sure what they strengthen, without weight they can be used for hip mobility but with weight they turn into this evil monster of an exercise that makes you look like an idiot. We’re supposed to do 3×3 where a rep is 5 steps forwards and 5 steps backwards. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to go backwards, I think it would be easier to do reverse somersault’s back to the start…if the point is just to work on overhead stability I might just start doing snatch grip overhead lunges or something I can handle.

I think I redeemed myself with some heavy squatting, no matter how shitty a day can be going, heavy squatting fixes everything. I just finished the section of Greg Everett’s book about squatting so I was keen to feel my way through a heavy set, 90% for three singles made for a great start to my Tuesday. Three weeks ago I had 25 stitches removed from my left knee…as Chris Moore put it “That’s how you get back in the saddle.”

I still don’t have muscle ups in a metcon, I can do one, but I can’t reset efficiently and I lose them pretty quickly. I did them banded today, then transfered right into the dips, actually wasn’t too bad. The 32kg swings felt pretty good as well. Double unders though, will be the end of me…as much as I practice and as good of a day as I have they disappear as soon as the 3..2..1.. buzzer goes. I heard about these RX Ropes they’re supposed to be better for learning because you can swap in different gauges of rope as you improve, rather than just gunning right for the super speedy wire. Food for thought.


I’m pretty sure I disgusted at least one of my co-workers yesterday with the amount of food I ate between 6:30 and 9:30 PM – I guess when you portion it all out into tupperware rather than a large serving bowl it does look like quite a lot of food. Went down easily enough, this carb backloading business is a tricky lot but so far it seems pretty easy, though I’m pretty sure I’m not really doing it right, I didn’t deplete and I’m not eating super high-GI carbs, mostly because paleo is largely devoid of them. Basically I’ve just been plowing sweet potato’s and lifting heavy – sounds good right??

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