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Posted by on Jan 18, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Paleo Lifestyle, WOD

Outlaw Way 130118 (My Raw Milk Experiment)

Outlaw Way 130118 (My Raw Milk Experiment)

For the first time since starting Paleo almost a year ago I’ve willingly, knowingly, and guilt-free-ly jumped off the wagon. It all started after I read an article by Chris Kresser, a pretty big figure in the Paleo community, the article was titled “Beyond Paleo: Moving from a Paleo diet to a Paleo template.” If you’ve been strict Paleo for any length of time beyond a 30 day challenge I suggest reading it. To summarize his points though,

There is a large variation amongst groups and individuals even during Paleolithic times

The absence of a food from the Paleolithic era does not necessarily mean it is not nutritious or beneficial, dairy being a primary exmaple

Our quest is to find the optimal diet for modern humans, not to speculate on what the Paleolithic man may or may not have eaten.

A Paleo template encourages experimentation and observation, think and consider one’s specific circumstances

Instead focus on Paleo template that mandates; don’t eat toxins (seed oils, improperly processed grains, HFCS and excess sugars), nourish your body, and eat real food.

Beyond these guidelines, experiment and observe to find your optimal diet.


To that end, I’ve decided to undergo a 2-3 week raw goat milk experiment. First, why goat? Well goat milk is lower in milk fat than whole cow’s milk, which tastes more like heavy cream than what I grew up with. Second, why raw? Raw milk is unpastuerized which presents certain risks to health like bacteria – but properly cared for animals raised in clean environments should present little to no risk. Additionally raw milk hasn’t been exposed to the heat that denatures important digestive enzymes that unlock it’s full potential for growth. Third, Mike Bledsoe swears by it, and he’s an animal so there’s got to be some worth to it. Two gallons bought, will report back in a couple weeks.




1) Every 20 seconds for 3:00 (22 total reps): 2 Banded Deadlift @ 50% Bar Weight + 25% Band Tension
225# bar + black bands (65# each, 130# total)

2a) Bench Press: 2X5 @ 80%, 2X3 @ 85%, 3X1 @ 90% – rest 60 sec.
Based on 260# – 205#, 225#, 235#

2b) Strict Weighted Pull-ups: 2X5 @ 70%, 2X3 @ 75%, 3X1 @ 80% – rest 60 sec.
Based on 53# – 37.5#, 40#, 42.5# (jumped to 45# last 2 sets)


1) With a 10 minute clock…

5 minute AMRAP of:
KB Snatches 24/16kg (110)

-then (no rest)-
Run 800m
*Rest the remainder of the 10 minutes.

2) With a 5 minute clock…
2:30 minute AMRAP of:

KB Snatches 24/16kg (53)

-then (no rest)-
Run 400m

Friday’s are goofy days, the strength work really doesn’t feel like a terrible amount of work lately. The volume is super low but the weights are decently heavy. I upped the max bench I was going off of because 245# was too light for the rep scheme last week and I haven’t tested it in awhile so it made sense to try and adjust. The pull-ups felt good, my shoulders were fresh from a day of rest. I was tempted to add more but got distracted talking to friend of the blog James Harris, turns out we have a good amount in common, he’s a really bright guy and if there’s one thing I’ve learned hanging out at gyms, you soak up as much knowledge as you can. The conditioning work was fantastic today, the scheme, the movements, I really enjoyed it. Totalled 163 snatches at 24kg and did decently well on the run. I did the WOD with Jake who got 180 snatches, but slower 400m run. Coach David rocked 181 snatches. Guess I need to up my snatch game, really my plan was to keep the reps split evenly across my arms and never stop beyond switching arms – both goals accomplished.


Tomorrow is the first, to my knowledge, St. Louis Affiliate Challenge and our box is hosting. It’s great for our box and the owners, and really the entire Crossfit community in the greater Saint Louis area, but it also means getting any work done tomorrow will be impossible. Each of 14 affiliates has 2 teams of 4, which is 112 athletes plus spectators and sponsors. It’ll surely be a good time. Hopefully they’ll be some extra time Sunday to get this work in. The Outlaw programming is already posted for Saturday, likely cause Rudy will be traveling, 20 min 1RM Snatch, Clean & Jerk, front squat percentages, and 20 min Cindy. I can’t wait to get after this.

MFS | 2-2-3

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