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Posted by on Jan 19, 2013 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, WOD

Outlaw Way 130119 (Super Saturday)

Outlaw Way 130119 (Super Saturday)

Today was a great day. Great days don’t come around very often so I like to capitalize on them when they do. Half the battle is merely realizing when you’re in one and jumping on it. The funny bit is that it started like every other day, a french press full of my favorite bean, a couple tablespoons of coconut oil and a few hours at the office. I knew I’d be going to The Saint Louis Affiliate Championship but for the first time in a long time I wouldn’t be competing in a competition I was attending. It was a strange feeling watching people compete and not have a personal investment or stake. I couldn’t tell if I was glad or disappointed I couldn’t get in on the action. By the end I was simply fired up and didn’t want to go home having done nothing.


Luckily while cleaning up I heard wind of a couple guys hanging out after to workout, not having planned anything in particular I recommended the Outlaw work, they agreed and good things followed.



BB Gymnastics
1) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.
165# – 10 lb. PR, might’ve had 170 with a few more minutes

2) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.
235# C&J, 240# Clean

Front Squats: 1X5 @ 80%, 1X3 @ 85%, 2X3 @ 90%, 3X1 @ 95% – rest 60-90 sec.
Based off 265#
212#, 225#, 238#, 251#


20 minute AMRAP of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats

16 Rounds + 5 pullups


I’ve been eating, sleeping and breathing Olympic work lately, when I’m not reading my Greg Everett book I’m watching California Strength videos, at lunch yesterday I even watched the 94kg 2012 European Championship, damn Europeans do some quality lifting. I have a very knowledge driven mind, I squat better after reading about the mechanics, it’s not enough to tell to keep my hips under me and keep my chest tall, I need to know why and what that gets me. For the same reason, I understand the coaching of tripple extension, pulling with an upright back, locking the elbows, but something about snatching really started to click when it was explained in Greg’s book. The real meat of why and how came together and thats where I live. My previous PR was an ugly 155# power snatch, real crossfit style. Today I hit 165#, clean, Olympic clean, elbows locked, solid in the bottom, stood up well under control. Well on my way to my goal of snatching my bodyweight.


Recently I wrote about how my cleans slipped backwards since my injury. I think the last clean work I did before my streak of injuries was in the 175-190# range, today working up to a 1RM I hit 235# really solidly. I struggle to really receive cleans in the optimal position, I catch them lower on my shoulder and chest and end up having to really fight against it. I cleaned 240# really ugly, I’m not proud of it. I am proud of the ground I’ve made up in the recent weeks; two weeks ago I was happy to be cleaning 205#, a week ago I was pleased to get under 215#, now I’m hitting 235# solid. Good things, once I finish the chapter on cleans maybe that’ll blow up too.

The cleans really smoked me unfortunately, I poured a lot of adrenaline and energy into those getting back on my same level was a huge goal of mine. It left my tank pretty empty, especially in the front squat, drive out of the hole area. 2×3 @90% and 3×1 @95% was a larrrge order, one I’m sad to say I fell short of. After the set of 3 at 85%, I did 3×1 @ 90% and that’s about all I had gas left for. Some days it just isn’t there. That left with just “Cindy”, a deceptively nasty girl. The pull-ups are rather inconsequential, the pushups blow big hairy nut sack, starting 4 or 5 rounds in those start to suck big. Any WOD with air squats will automatically suck for me, being 6’2″ it’s a long way to travel and the extra force capabilities that having longer levers grants me is worth very little when my bodyweight is the only metric. At that point it becomes all about speed and distance. At this point also my patellar tendon was on fire from catching that 240# clean on my toe, long story short it wasn’t my best WOD but still PR’d it by 1 round.


My goat milk experiment is going swimmingly, my Paleo gut has not thrown any fits, my skin has not reacted in any way and my strength has never been better. I call that successful, it’s still a bit early to tell but I’m feeling it big time. Might need to buy 4 gallons next trip, first gallon is almost all gone. My carb backloading is still a bit shakey, the concepts are sound but I’m not sure my implementation is suited to the prescriptions. Basically the Crossfit style work might not be enough resistance training, an the type of conditioning work might blunt some of those muscular tissue changes. It’s still an ongoing experiment but for the time being the basic plan has been, get home and eat till I fall asleep. We’ll see next time I we do 1RM testing if it’s paying out. Every single workout this week has been better than the last, I could just be having a good week, or maybe I’ve stumbled on the right formula for me.

Tomorrow I signed up for a weightlifting clinic at my box. I just hope that it’s not pandering to the Crossfit community. In other words, I understand the mechanics of the lifts, the broad points, keeping the bar close, hitting the hip, pulling under the bar, etc. What I really hope to gain is insight on the finer point of the technique, why I miss my hip, how I can improve the lockout, a better way to catch my clean, the pop out of the bottom of the clean. If it becomes a broad based analysis of the lifts I’ll be a little upset about my $20. It’ll be good though, positive thoughts!

MFS | 2-4-5

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  1. I’m going to the lifting clinic tomorrow too, and hoping for the same focus on critical details. Kara is an exceptional Oly lifter, and I don’t know of the other girl, but I think they will have some good guidance!

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