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Posted by on Jan 25, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music, Music and Rants, Strength Training, WOD

Outlaw Way 130125 (Lower Back Weakness)

Outlaw Way 130125 (Lower Back Weakness)

I must’ve been possessed last week, when my boss asked me to ‘help out’ Friday afternoon I accepted, I guess I couldn’t think of a good enough reason not to; or maybe because “that’s when I workout” would’ve sounded a like “please fire me now.” It’s a bit cliche but that’s the way the world works, who knows when I’ll need to take a day off for a competition, or leave early to drive to my chiropractor, it’ll come back to me. In any case my workout got shifted back to the AM for today, at least I had plenty of practice last week.


1) Deadlift: 3X10 – heaviest possible, rest 3 full minutes
295#, 325#, 345#

2a) Tempo Bench Press: 5X5 (fast up, 5 second count on the descent) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
165#, 165#, 165#, 185#, 195#
2b) Strict Tempo Supinated Weighted Pull-ups: 5X5 (fast up, 5 second count on the descent) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. 25#, 25#, 15#, BW, BW


For time: 00:22:22

30 Handstand push-ups (regionals standard)
40 Pull-ups
50 KBS 24/16kg
60 Sit-ups (Ab-Mat, anchored)
70 Burpees

Looks like we’re finally out of banded dead lifts, not that they really bothered me – though setting them up is a pain, but they always felt good and started the training off right, fast tempo, good CNS firing exercise. We’ve been thrown a lot of 3×10 work lately, 3×10 bench press, 3×10 back squats, 3×10 deadlifts, etc. I felt like shit after doing the HBBS work 130122 because I felt like I should’ve gone much heavier. Here’s some food for thought, today’s 3×10 I started at 295#, which is 73% of my 1RM deadlift. 130122 I started at 185#, which is 58% of my 1RM. I wasn’t really thinking about it at the time, but that’s some little bitch shit. Sorry I don’t usually swear that much, but it was very upsetting when Jake came in the next day and did 285 for 9. Don’t get all preachy with your “don’t compare yourself” garbage, yes that applies sometimes, not this time.


Needed to get that off my chest, now we can move on. Deadlifts. The deadlift is probably the simplest compound barbell movement in existence, there is something on the ground, pick it up without breaking your spine – simple right? Seems so, but people still get it wrong. I thought I had it right, turns out I get it wrong too. And guess what – it’s translating to my clean and snatch pulls now. Train like a dick, and you’ll lift like a dick. In any case, we talked about lower back problems on snatch pulls yesterday, and now I’m going to talk about them in the deadlift. My lower back is not in full extension, I’m beginning to realize it is probably not in full extension very often. The issue really lies in the fact that I don’t know when it’s softening, I don’t feel it, in my mind it’s perfect. I really need to pay someone at the gym to throw ping pong balls at me when I let it slide, otherwise I’d never know. In the techniqueWOD video below Doug says to drop weight until you can do it right. I consider myself a strong person, dropping weight is not something I like doing, it’s humbling, but it may very well save me L4-L5 troubles in the nearish future.

In any case, after 130122 I was determined to lift heavy for my sets of 10, warmed up to 225# just fine, threw 295# on the bar and went for it, 325# is the weight I posted the video for, and then finished at an agressive 345# which obliterated me in a good way. According to an online calculator, which pretty much automatically invalidates the next phrase, that would put my 1RM around 460, which it isn’t, but could be. Then again should you be doing a 1RM with poor form?? No. So…let’s just say it is what it is.

I wasn’t too keen on the slow eccentric stuff either, I love 5×5 work, probably my favorite rep range is 5×3-5, but the eccentric loading work is not my favorite, I have no good reason not to like it, it just doesn’t feel as good as a strict 5×5 does, and you have to use way less weight. So that happened, as unwilling of a participant as I can be.

The conditioning work loomed over this entire workout, from the moment I read it there was a seed planted in the back of my mind that I’d eventually have to suck it up and do it. Maybe I just suck and Rudy has athletes that completed this entire workout in under 12 minutes, great. On the other hand, maybe he doesn’t give a fuck about “The Outlaw Doctrine” and decided that workouts with high reps aren’t that bad, they are that bad. In any case, this one was significantly greater than 12 minutes, though there was a good deal of rest. The HSPU’s got broken up into singles by the end, the pullups were coming in sets of 5 after those HSPU’s, the swings I managed in 5 sets, the sit-ups in 2, and the burpees…well let’s agree not to talk about burpees. Total time 22:22, I thought it would be worse, still not great, though it was less conditioning hurting me and more just the absolute fucking fatigue of everything above my waist.


I know you all love Murph, but you won’t see it here. In fact, if you see anything over 12 minutes, I screwed up. Why?

As I’ve heard Coach say a million times – “All positive adaptations come through intensity”. Intensity is incredibly hard to maintain past 8 minutes, much less out past 12. Also, and this is even more important to me, anything past 12 minutes tends to lend itself to a fuckload of reps. A fuckload of reps means one thing – you get sore and your body breaks down (I guess that’s 2 things, and you’re all coaches – you don’t need me to break down the science). When you start to break down, we stop making positive gains and start to lose the strength gains we’ve already made. Not to mention, general muscular fatigue/soreness detracts from your ability to perform high level movements, and that is a great deal of what the program is based upon. I monitor the amount of reps (in met-cons… heavy – light – accessory – push – pull) we perform every week very closely and use many of the same charts that Louie Simmons has used for years, which are the same charts that some of the greatest European S&C coaches in history developed.

MFS | 3-3-5


  1. 1- dirty mouth! 2…I like what the outlaw way doctrine says about metcons…my coach actually said “towards the end everyone will lose form, but you can’t coach them because they just won’t be able to correct it!”…well then somethings wrong and they shouldn’t be doing it. grrr.

    • Haha it had to be said.

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