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Posted by on Jan 26, 2013 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Paleo Lifestyle, WOD

Outlaw Way 130126 (Raining PR’s)

Outlaw Way 130126 (Raining PR’s)

Today was a good day. I was due for one of these, it’s been awhile. I slept well, everything went according to plan and my stomach is so full right now there isn’t much blood left for my brain. Sorry if this post sucks, I blame the dozen eggs, one and a half sweet potatoes, bacon, guacamole and goat milk protein shake. This whole getting stronger gig is running train on my food budget, here’s hoping it pays dividends. I think the goat milk super powers kicked in this week on gallon 2 – PR’d my snatch by 10 pounds, pr’d my front squat by at least 10 pounds, and pr’d my jerk by another 10 pounds. That’s a solid week by most peoples standards, even my ridiculous ones.

Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow. My lower back got smoked from those deadlifts Friday, it’s been tender since yesterday afternoon, pulling 85% of your 1RM for 10 takes a lot out of you. I was pretty pleased with my showing on the WOD yesterday, talked to David yesterday and he absolutely smoked it, 10:03, he could’ve done it twice in the time I did it once. Granted HSPU’s alone are like kryptonite, and pullups aren’t my greatest, but I should’ve tried to get through them faster. Turns out I really don’t give things 100% when I’m working out alone.



With a 40 minute running clock…

1 minute ME Muscle-Ups (4)

*Rest 1 minute.

7 minute AMRAP of:

75 Double-Unders
20 Lateral Burpees (over BB)
10 Hang Power Snatches 95/65#

1 Round + 60 DU

*Rest 1 minute.

1 minute ME Muscle-Ups (2)

*Rest 1 minute.

7 minutes to establish a 1RM Front Squat (275#)

*Rest 1 minute.

2 minutes ME Muscle-Ups (1)

*Rest 1 minute.

3 rounds for time of:

Row 20 Calories
15 Lateral Burpees (over BB)
10 Hang Power Cleans 135/95#

2 Rounds + 6 Burpees

2 minutes ME Muscle-Ups (1)

*Rest 1 minute.

7 minutes to establish a 1RM Jerk (245#)

Not sure where to even start with this one, I guess I’ll be logical and start at the beginning. I told David before we started that I was better off before I got a muscle up because then I didn’t have to do them in WOD’s. But, he said that if I can do them I should, so that was the plan. After the first minute I actually thought it was an okay idea, 4 isn’t a ton but it seemed decent enough. Boy did I fall off the boat after that though. My goal for the rest was to at least get one, and then work on stringing them together as that’s the next step.


The first AMRAP was destined to be disastrous, double unders, double unders will always be my downfall. Well not always, eventually I won’t have ridiculous arm spasms every time I do them but for the time being, they suck. The first 75 took far too long, the rest was actually pretty inconsequential. The hang power snatch required a lot more gusto from the hip than I was expecting and those got tiring, luckily I only made it through one round so that saved me a bit. The front squat was actually pretty restful, I think I ended up only doing about 4 reps, 185#, 225#, 255# and 275# and then I ran out of time. I probably should’ve tried 285# but time is time and PR’s and PR’s.

The second AMRAP/3 RFT was actually where this WOD took a turn up witch mountain. I knew it would be because Jake and David warned us they didn’t even get through the 3 rounds let alone get any rest. With only 7 minutes to work I didn’t really pace it out at all, I pulled as hard as I could on the first row, finished 20 calories in about 30-35 seconds. Burpees suck, burpees always suck and burpees will always suck. Over a bar, over a box or just alone. I’m adamant about this one. The hang cleans were pretty taxing but I did the first round UB and the second round in 5+5. Mother of God that last row started out at like 1900 cal/hr and I dropped to probably 1600 by the end, I just wanted it to be over. Jake told me Nick got 2 round + 5 burpees so I had to get at least 6, I got my sixth right at the buzzer, +1 me.


After that second 7 minute chunk I was so gassed, had I eaten any meal today I probably would’ve thrown it up, yes my conditioning has clearly taken a hit lately. Felt kind of dumb spending 2 minutes to get one muscle up but at that point it’s about all I could muster. Which brings us to the jerk, a movement I find particularly awesome, unlike the snatch I’m actually able to fail in a strength capacity rather than a technique capacity. Last week I cleaned 240# and missed the jerk, this week I jerked 245# twice actually. I locked out the first one but couldn’t make it stick, took a rest and stuck it the second time right at 40:00 – a solid way to finish.

The dudes at Barbell Shrugged or or Faction Strength and Conditioning – whatever you feel like calling them today, I’m not sure how they really distinguish the three; they just never stop giving. The amount of knowledge they make available for free is actually bordering on overwhelming. Not to mention they are remarkably responsive to feedback and questions. I’ve clearly started a man-crush (no homo) on the gang, mostly I just wish I had friends like them. In any case, the above video makes mentions of farmer carries. If you follow the blog you’re aware I bought a couple handles about 2 months ago now and really haven’t used them much. Today we changed that. Post-WOD I wanted to do a little extra and after these videos I thought some one arm carries would be a solid finish. In his video Doug says to try bodyweight carries, I shit you not that’s no joke, I probably would’ve made it 10 feet carrying 200# in one arm. We worked up to 155 and left it there, doing one armed carries down 100ft. and back with the other arm. I think I managed three rounds before my hand gave out.


Solid, solid week. Hope this train keeps rolling. P.S. See what I did with the pictures? It’s like a secret second post…I should go to bed.

MFS | 1-4-6

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