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Posted by on Feb 1, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Strength Training, WOD

Outlaw Way 130201 (Bad Sleep)

Outlaw Way 130201 (Bad Sleep)

A rest day as part of a deload week is like the double whammy of psychotic breaks, by 3:30 PM yesterday I wanted to lift something heavy and run around a bunch of times. I know the point of a deload week is to get that feeling back – that ambition to workout to keep it from turning into a chore or a job and keeping you from giving 100%. The most I did yesterday was 20 minutes of mobility while watching KStar’s 2-day live mobility event. Long story short it was a 2 day seminar series on “Maintaining Your Body” – if you’re familiar with all of his videos there wasn’t a ton of surprises, but it was really nice to have it all in a coherent, consistent, linear presentation. So yesterday I ate lunch with KStar.


The other part of yesterday was my goat milk pickup. If you’ve been following you know the first two gallons went down beautifully. My stomach tolerated it wonderfully, my strength and recovery have been phenomenal, and I have none of the traditional dairy problems like acne some people get. This pickup I up’d my game to 4 gallons, which at $14 a gallon was no small feat but at this point in my life and training I can still justify it. This morning after training I put away 32 oz. of the stuff with my creatine, Progenex and some waxy maize along with 3g of fish oil and 100mg of caffine. It was a beautiful milk shake and I feel like superman.


This brings me to last nigh – I had to work late, which happens, that’s life, and by 9:00 at the office I certainly felt like falling asleep. For whatever reason by the time I got home I was more awake than I’d been all day, I was tweeting and reading articles, all the types of things you’re not supposed to do before bed. Sure enough when 10:00 came round and I was trying to fall asleep it just wasn’t happening, the last I looked at the clock it was 11:15. Needless to say my 4:30 alarm came far too early and my work today definitely suffered for it.



1) 10 minutes to establish a 1rm Push Press. 205#

2) 1 attempt, ME UB Muscle-Ups (a mulligan may be taken). 4

3) 1 attempt, ME UB Double-Unders (a mulligan may be taken). 22

4) 10 minutes to establish a 1rm Bench Press. 255#

5) Row 2k for time. 00:06:39.1

Today was incredibly simple by Outlaw standards, 5 tests, maybe 30 minutes of work, maybe 45 with warmup. I don’t think I’ve ever tested a push press, so I don’t have a number to break a PR, my goal was to hit my bodyweight, seemed like a reasonable goal, I took a few too many warmup sets because right at 10:00 on the clock I hit 205 and was forced to move on, though I think maybe 215# might’ve been in the tank. Muscle ups still aren’t very smooth, the transition to the dip is jerky and the reset for the kip needs work, I strung together 4 which is technically a PR, but not where I’d like to be. I found myself in a similar situation for the double unders, as soon as the first 15 felt good, my mind goes “oh wow this is going really well” sure enough 7 later I hit myself in the shins. My mind gets the better of me, constantly.

Where I was really disappointed with today were 4) and 5). Last time tested Bench Press was fresh off a 150 Burpee workout so my shoulders were smoked and I hit 245# and stopped, I thought for sure I’d be in the 285# realm today. This is where I think my poor nights sleep cost me, pushing 255# felt really heavy and really slow, and I actually tried 265# and had to dump it. A friend said “there’s always tomorrow” true but hard to swallow. Rolling into the row, I pretty much put all my eggs in that basket as the rest of the day was a relative loss and I really like rowing, and my anatomy is setup well for it. A couple months back I did a 1k test in 3:07.3 so I thought shooting for 3:15.0 1K splits or a 6:30.0 2k would be a pretty good goal. I was actually doing well through the 1k mark, I hit it at about 3:12.0 but dropped off big in the 3rd 500m split to about a 1:42 500m split. I was able to fight through the last 500m at a 1:39 pace but finished a bit over my goal. Holy balls though – I laid on the floor for a solid five minutes trying to get my legs to work afterwards, dat lactic burn. Given how much conditioning I missed while injured I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard on myself – but let’s be honest, it’s what I’m good at.

At least it’s Friday, yesterday was goat milk day and pay day, tomorrow will be Costco and a fun Outlaw day, Saturday’s are always a curve ball. I booked my traincation, it’s all setup for next weekend, I’ll probably try and train Friday afternoon and Saturday morning there, and then just chill the rest of Saturday and a bit on Sunday. I know absolutely nothing about Memphis though, if you’re in the area drop me a line – I need things to do! Right now my list is 1) Train my ass off 2) eat good food 3) consult with Mike 4) consult with Doug 5) get on CTP Cam 6)???

MFS | 4-3-3


  1. I’m bummed you already finished this! Have fun on your traincation, that’s my kind of vacation!

    • Sorry have to work this afternoon – I’ll be there tomorrow morning though!

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