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Posted by on Feb 5, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Strength Training, WOD

Outlaw Way 130205 (Fresh Again)

Outlaw Way 130205 (Fresh Again)

I made this mistake last night – and I told myself I wouldn’t do it again…I finished dinner before writing my post; which leads to the inevitable food coma post of rambling thoughts and incomplete sentences. I’ve been assured by those close to me that it all still works. If you checked the site in the last 24 hours and noticed the pictures weren’t loading, you would be correct, something broke, but it’s fixed now. If you missed my Maximum Mobility review this morning, check it out, and if you suffer from more than minor impingements or other issues be sure to check it out.

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I’ve mentioned it a couple of times in passing but I want to come out and say it, I hired a remote coach to work with for at least the next year, the biggest upside to this is individualized programming catered to my goals, and around my mobility concerns. Outlaw is great, I love it, let’s not fight about that. The more and more I get into Crossfit, especially the competition side, it’s become clear that individualized programming will lead to more progress, quicker, than following blog style programming. Not only that, but I have certain concerns, overhead strength, snatch pulls from the floor, etc that aren’t necessarily addressed as aggressively when someone is programming for thousands of athletes. Really if I am serious about my goals and want to reach them, this is really one of the only options. In tandem with that, I’m going on my first traincation to meet my coach and the crew in Memphis. This weekend I’ll be there working my ass off.


BB Gymnastics

1) 7X1 3-Position Clean (low to high) + 1 Jerk (after 3rd Clean) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. 185#
2a) 3X5 Push Press – absolute heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. 155#
2b) 3X5 Pendlay Rows – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO 205#


HBBS (based off 130129): 3X5 @ 70%, 3X3 @ 80% – rest 2:00 minutes. 245#, 275#


2 min Max Distance HS Walk (sub’d shoulder touches, same side 64)

-then (no rest)-

3 rounds for total reps of:

1:00 ME KBS 32/24kg (23, 21, 20)
Rest :30
1:30 ME Burpee Box Jumps 30/24″ (13, 13, 13)
Rest :30
2:00 ME Row for Distance (572, 558, 563)
Rest :30


2 min Max Distance HS Walk (sub’d shoulder touches, 25)

Ahh back to regular Outlaw volume. Not to mention I’m finally recovered from Outlaw saturday’s mayhem. I’m going to take credit for the giant bowl of beef stew or the huge dose of sweet potato and maltodextrin I had after my workout yesterday – work up feeling much fresher than either Sunday or Monday. The clean work today felt nothing like the snatch work yesterday, I was able to nail my technique down better, and go decently heavy, 185# is a solid 78% of my 1RM. Push press and Pendlay rows are great assistance exercises, especially for me, upper back strength and overhead pressing are things I need a lot more work on, I tried to really push myself to go heavy here, I think I hit that on the head today. Then I figured out my back squat weight based on my new max, but in my haste I messed the rep scheme up, as you can clearly read it says 3×5 at 70%, I did 3×3 at 70% then moved to 3×5 @ 80% until someone corrected me. So in the end I did less work at 70% and more work at 80% – c’est la vie. At least I fucking squatted heavy, I love squatting heavy, I could squat 275 for reps multiple days a week, I love it.


I watched David and Arlen do this conditioning work right as I got to the box today; this was probably a mistake, not only did it look displeasurable but it gave me benchmarks to shoot for, but not necessarily where I should actually be. In any case, I don’t have a handstand walk, so I worked on my shoulder strength and the rhythm doing shoulder touches, still pretty tough work, easily the next step down from actual hand stand walks. The swings were heavy but not necessarily cumbersome, especially doing only a minute, I probably should’ve strove to hit 30, rather than “beat David” which left me in the low 20’s. No one ever enjoys burpees, jumping to a 30″ box just makes them worse, they’re so metabolically taxing the goal was just to keep moving and get through them with enough juice to do the row. I should’ve killed the row, I think I sandbagged myself a bit, probably should’ve hit 600m on each of these. Oh time.

Simple formula for happiness, lift heavy, metcon hard, eat a huge meal, do some soft tissue work, sleep for 9 hours. This is my life and I fucking love it.

MFS | 2-5-5


  1. I’m glad your starting the remote coaching, I think it wii be really good for you, and younwill see tons of improvement… I am sad we won’t be doing the same work, but I’ll get over it.

    • Thanks Megan! I’m really excited too – and I’m going to talk to him this weekend about mixing in some of the Outlaw metcons occasionally just for that reason

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