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Posted by on Feb 6, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music and Rants, Rant, WOD

Outlaw Way 130206 (Humbling)

Outlaw Way 130206 (Humbling)

If you had asked me even this time yesterday how I was feeling about my fitness, I’d have said I felt great, I was making huge strides, finally felt like I was moving in positive directions, and making serious investments in myself. I do at least 45 minutes of soft tissue work a day, and at least another 20 minutes of actual stretching/mobility. That’s a shit load of time, especially considering most mobility guru’s will tell you to put in you 15 minutes everyday. Then you get the freaks of nature Crossfit coaches who pop out of bed in the morning and rock a perfect air squat. It gets old putting in that time for that extra half inch in the bottom of the squat, or a little better torso positioning. That’s life though, I heard someone say “I don’t respect easy,” and it applies here, this is all just part of the journey.


BB Gymnastics

1) 7×1 Snatch from blocks (just above knee) – heavy but perfect, rest 60 sec.

2) 7×1 Clean from blocks (just above knee) + 1 Push Jerk – heavy but perfect, rest 60 sec.


Run 5k

Today was actually a bit of a strange day, sure I got to the box at the same time, warmed up the same way, and started doing my barbell warmup. That’s when things got a little weird, Tim, who I must workout with at least 4 days a week for the last 3 months said something about the position of my shoulders while snatching; which lead to a conversation about hips, ankles, and eventually thoracic spines. This of course lead to a physics lesson in overhead squats, and eventually a case study in my air squats. That’s when my respect for one of our coaches went through the roof; a coach I don’t normally see walked over to Tim and I’s science experiment and started talking shop, she mentioned that I was missing thoracic spine mobility which was forcing some of these weird positions. When I should’ve been moving to cleans I was doing kettle bell front squats and laying down on two lacrosse balls with my arms over my head.

One of my biggest goals for my traincation this weekend is to learn how to train to get better and be strong in correct positions, not just strong, and not training to miss reps or perform poorly. I think the individualized programming will go a looong way towards that end, and hopefully I don’t get laughed out of the state by Doug when he does my mobility assessment.


Then I ran a 5k in 22:19 – which was basically 22 minutes for me to stew about the previous 90 minutes of ridiculousness. Time to get in my 45 minutes of soft tissue work.

MFS | 7-4-2

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