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Posted by on Oct 20, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Rant, WOD

Poppin’ My Drop-In Cherry

Poppin’ My Drop-In Cherry

I don’t travel very often, my job doesn’t exactly take me places, so unless it’s for personal vacation once or twice a year, or a Crossfit competition or event like the one in the beginning of November, I rarely have occasion to travel. Now that we’ve established how cool I am, and how many great adventures I have – I thought doing a drop-in class out here in the Hudson Valley would be a nice way to experience something new, try a different box and report back.

Traveling paleo – easy as $10 and a grocery store

It was a fantastic experience. I talk up Crossfit to my friends quite frequently but the truth of the matter is that, until yesterday, my experience with it had been quite singular. I’d never tried doing it from home, doing it somewhere that wasn’t CrossfitSTL, or even following HQ’s WOD’s. So I feel a little more validated today as I’ve added this experience to my Crossfit bucket list. Allow me to be very cliche for a moment; Crossfit really is like a big family, I’d heard it described that way before and I accepted it as marketing. Sure within a box there is a level of bonding that goes on beyond normal gym-going, but from box-to-box how could you really be a part of a family?! From the moment I walked into Hudson Valley Crossfit I was treated like I’d been showing up there for years. The coaches expectations, his candor, and demeanor were all exactly what you would expect. The equipment, while in different places, was everything you’d need. I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous walking in the front door, I’m a shy guy, this was outside my comfort zone; but I’m incredibly happy I did. The coach and I even got into a nice little chat about Outlaw and the games athletes – that set me at ease rather quickly. The best part, at the end he wouldn’t let me pay! I bought a shirt as a “Thank You.” If any of you read this – thanks, I had a great time.

EMOM for 10 Minutes
10×1 Hang Clean – 165#
10×5 Ring Dips

Rest for remainder of minute

Jumping Squats 45#
Hand-release pushups
Pump sit-ups

Given that this was my 6th day in a row doing Crossfit (which is a lot for me, or anyone), and that I had done a two-a-day on Thursday, annndd sat on a plane and in a car most of the day yesterday – my standards were pretty low. I was just looking to loosen up, lift something moderately heavy, and break a sweat. Of course Crossfit is either 0 or 60 – there’s no speeds in between when competition is on the line. The strength work was fine, I like EMOM work because it forces me to pace more aggressively than an exercise where time is unlimited. I thought the 10 sets of ring dips might fatigue me, but I was pleasantly surprised, I didn’t even have to kip. The hang clean weight was not as heavy as probably could’ve gone if I really wanted a challenge, for work like this it should probably have been closer to the 205 ballpark, but like I said, I wasn’t trying to blow anything away, 165 was still decently challenging.

I read the WOD online the day before and thought it sounded fun, I much prefer rounds that go down in reps than those that go up. Likewise, I’d done a jumping squat WOD about 2 weeks ago so I knew what I was in for there. I hate hand-release pushups. If I try and do more than 15 in a row I’m toast, so the key there was not letting myself go to fatigue, which is hard on such a short workout to make yourself stop. I’d never heard of pump sit-ups before, but they turned out okay, just an ab-mat sit-up but instead of stationary feet you unlock your hips and bring your feet to your hands at the top – those I was able to sail through UB not a problem. Time as Rx 7:21. Hardly the fastest on the day, in fact a little slow, but a great sweat for being on vacation.

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