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Posted by on Jun 16, 2014 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, Recovery, Strength Training, WOD

Pretty Fast

Pretty Fast

At some point in my youth, which will sound comical to everyone older than me and ridiculous to everyone younger, I crossed a few wires, my life became my goals, and my goals became my life. All of the mantras that I got bombarded with along the way, adopted, and idolized served better to obscure all the things I was missing, than they did to clarify all the things that I had. In other words, I lost the forest in the trees. Don’t get me wrong, they were good trees, I wouldn’t trade any part of my journey for a part of anyone else’s; but this is a post about life, so I’m being necessarily dramatic; like any good John Cusack movie, the fate of the world rests on everything.

What point am I trying to make. I guess I’m saying don’t let your goals become blinders. Your ambitions will be there no matter where life takes you and drops you off. I closed myself down for the better part of a year in the name of chasing a goal; and this weekend I finally snapped out of it. I didn’t train once, and I didn’t sit at home wishing I was training, I didn’t even think about training beyond the passing thought that I wasn’t going to do it. And for the first time in years, I don’t regret not training for a second. The absurdity of these words isn’t lost on me, most of you are probably reading this thinking “What the fuck are you on about Dan, I sit at home every Tuesday/Thursday and don’t even worry about it?” Well if you knew me, you’d know I’m just not wired that way, or at least I haven’t been before. I really don’t know what this means for me, or for anyone; but at the very least its a landmark realization. The realization that maybe a sitting across the table from someone and getting lost in a conversation might possibly be the best thing you can do for yourself that day – and you didn’t even need a barbell. Very few of us will every make their mark on the world with a barbell, a rower, or a wall ball – and maybe realizing that will make you a better athlete than any workout ever could.

Then again maybe I’m just blowing smoke – I guess that’s up to you.

Ahem…cough… Crossfit…yes. Despite my foray into what feel a lot like emotions (and not the two I know all too well; anger and hunger), I did train for awhile last week, so theres something still to talk about.

A. Squat Snatch From High Blocks – Build to a 1RM
215 (225 close miss)

A1. Push Press; 10 reps x 6 sets; rest 1 minute
135, 135, 145, 155, 155, 165
A2. Muscle-ups; 5 reps for time x 6 sets; rest 1 minute
3+2, 3+2, 3+2, 3+2, 3+2, 3+2

AMRAP in 5 minutes:
5 Unbroken Hang Power Cleans @ 165#

Airdyne :30/:30 x 26

The best weekend of my life (so far).


Last week – the bit of it that I wasn’t totally lost to the world, was actually a really good training week. Monday destroyed me, but I found 100% on just about everything. I even attempted my 1RM snatch from the high-hang and actually had a fair shot at hitting it. Which bodes well for progress to come. Not only am I stronger, I’m also lighter, which is good from an efficiency standpoint, and will play a big role when the Open rolls back round. I don’t really want to get much heavier than 215-220, so the notion that I can get stronger without adding significant scale weight is one that makes me very excited (not like that, gross). Tuesday had a mean, mean couplet that was surprisingly difficult come that 6th round. Wednesday’s AMRAP actually surprised me a bit, in general “hang” movements are not my best, but combined with Monday’s high hang work, I’m learning to derive power from my hips properly and not rely on my upper body to move weight. Maybe these drills really are worth doing…damn, I really liked just hating them. And of course – to round out my “week” was a pretty mean Airdyne session Thursday on terribly stale legs. All things considered I was happy with the work I put in, and the result I got out last week. Time to carry that over to the week ahead!



P.S. I hate how much I love these…

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