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Posted by on Mar 21, 2013 in Master, Music and Rants, Product Reviews, Rant

Product Review: SFH Liquid Fish Oil Concentrate

Product Review: SFH Liquid Fish Oil Concentrate

I’ve mentioned this a few times – but I wanted to get a full bottle down before I wrote a full review – gotta give you guys the full monty. Here’s the full story, when I first sat down with Mike back in February one of the very first questions he asked me was about daily habits, sleep, food, fish oil. I told him I took a shit load (8-10 pills at a time) of the generic Costco, super low EPA+DHA fish oil. Why couldn’t you just take 10 pills and have it be the same as a really high quality one? He told me to upgrade it and take note of the differences. I don’t know the science behind why liquid concentrate is better, but I have read the studies showing that it is. The difference wasn’t immediately noticeable but about 2 weeks in I did start to notice a difference.

Let me be clear – this is fish oil, not some cortisone injection, hyluronic acid or some kind of crazy new treatment. Prior to this switch I had been dealing with a nagging left shoulder injury that I’ve written about several times, it’s gone. I also deal with pretty chronic knee…we’ll say discomfort, which has also improved dramatically. I had pretty much decided that this was the price you pay to be a competitive, hard working athlete; don’t be fooled – some day to day pain is to be expected, but the chronic stuff usually has deeper roots. I’m glad I took Mike’s advice, he’s yet to lead me astray.


Now there are several brands of liquid fish oil, the Roll Royce of them seems to be Nordic Naturals but I know SFH has a pretty strong following as well so it seemed a good place to start. The price was high but not egregious and there was a good array of flavors. Though I can’t say I took chocolate too seriously, I would stick with tangerine, lemon or mint. Before my first bottle was done I ordered 2 more, I never want to be without this stuff, especially since land locked midwestern states have such great seafood! If nothing else – this deserves your 30 day trial, I’d put money on it helping you.

SFH Fish Oil Concentrate: 100 A+


  1. DO you recommend the SFH with D3 also or just straight Fish Oil?

    • Either is fine. The D3 is cheap enough from most sources. If memory serves there’s no price difference so you should probably just to it all at once to simplify things.

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