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I’ve decided to make a page dedicated to Product Reviews. Since I started this blog, I’ve found that this has become quite an interesting and useful thing for me to do. My most popular posts to date are those revolving around the products I love, and a couple that I despise. I figured it would be simplest to aggregate all my Crossfit reviews into one spot.

Crossfit Tools

The Marc Pro
The Marc Pro Plus
Crossover Symmetry
RIPT Skin Systems
Jump Ropes for Crossfit


Top 10 Supplements for Crossfit
Progenex Cocoon
Blonyx HMB+
SFH Liquid Fish Oil Concentrate
Product Review: Xwerks Ignite
XWerks Grow (Grass Fed Whey)


Bodyscience Skin Elite Longs
Product Review: The Best Compression for Crossfit
Bodyscience Skin ManPri’s

Have a product you think I should review?? Contact me!


  1. Hello I am looking at “true nutrition” to compose my protein supplement now. I’m wondering about the BCAA’s I don’t see where to have them mixed into your custom mix. also I was wondering about the Carb and fat’s. The mix I’m looking at is 90% Hydrolyzed Whey and 10% MCT’s sweetened with stevia. Also, I am not a taste freak, how is this going to taste? My current protein is “Garden of Life” Vegan Organic and it tastes like… well dirt as it should being vegan organic.
    So should I just get a container of BCAA’s and mix as I go and mix it with my creation?

    • BCAA come and go from the custom mix, I’ve given up trying to keep up with TrueNutrition on that one. If you they aren’t in the mix, they’re available in the “Supplements” section. They are very bitter, so be careful adding too much of this to anything weakly flavored.

      The TrueNutrition hydrolyzed whey tastes pretty good, I’ve been using it for 2 years now and the taste has never bothered me. I doubt the MCT or Stevia will hurt that.

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