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Posted by on Jul 14, 2014 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Product Reviews, Rant, Recovery, Strength Training, WOD

PRs, Buddy Soaks, and a Mile Run

PRs, Buddy Soaks, and a Mile Run

It’s funny, I had a pretty amazing week of training, and didn’t even really realize until I looked back on it this morning. If that’s not embracing the present I don’t know what is. It’s exciting to find a good place with diet, sleep, and training where you can progress steadily, and see tangible evidence of something working. There was a stretch a month or so ago when I had my doubts about AthleteWOD, wondering if it was enough, if I was really improving as much as I could be. I think this last week put those doubts to bed, at least for the near future. Though some days it might not feel “right”, I’ve learned to trust the program, and that trust is paying back dividends now. After almost 2 years of training by myself, I think I’ve also underestimated the power of having a training partner, even someone who might not match your numbers or skill, the sheer presence of another person forces you to push yourself that extra few percentage points.

My two big things lately have been sleep and hydration. Saturday was the hottest day of the year thus far, making properly hydrating crucial to finding success in 2 hour + training sessions. Especially when it comes to testing your mile for time in 91+ heat. I used to pop those marathon runner hydration “tabs” (nuun and the like) but figured maybe something geared towards our sport might work a little better. It’s a little more expensive but the Xendurance stuff has always intrigued me, so I’m adding this to my own personal science experiment, e.g. my supplementation. Secondly is sleep, it doesn’t take many night of sub-par sleep for me to appreciate how much good sleep means. I love the TrueNutrition “Ultimate Sleep Aid Stack” it’s relatively inexpensive, non-proprietary, well dosed, and most of all, effective. If you’re having trouble mastering sleep, give it a run. Try out my new 5% discount code while you’re at it – GRIZZLY.



Now to training!

A. Hang Squat Snatch – Build to a 2RM

B. Strict Handstand Push-ups; AMRAP sets of 3 unbroken in 5 minutes

For time:
30 Deadlifts @ 295#

Airdyne Work
:30/:30 x 30
455 kcal

A. Back Squat – Build to a 1RM


Part II
For time:
1 Mile Run


Recovery airdyne
5 min sustainable; then
:30/:30 sustain/spin x 30
312 kcal

Training this week was really solid, I feel like I’ve hit a really nice rhythm with the AthleteWOD programming. I hit a #215 hang snatch double, which is 95% of my 1RM from the floor. It wasn’t the prettiest bar path, but it wasn’t a no-rep either. My strict gymnastics seem to be coming along nicely, 25 HSPU in 5 minutes is a solid number for a 213 pound buy with long ass arms. The Deadlifting this cycle has been the most interesting of all, I can’t remember the last time I had this much deadlifting in my programming and I really enjoy it. My levers are good for it, which helps, but its also a nice modality for me to push myself on. I smell 315×30 for time in the near near future. For some masochistic reason I opted for regular old :30/:30 airdyne intervals on Thursday, without knowing we’d be doing 10×10 again. Thursday evening became a scramble to recover as fast as possible to try and get my legs fresh again.

Apparently my scramble was successful though, because I hit a 10 lb PR on my squat (a weight I’ve attempted and failed twice previously), an then did 1 rep better on my 10×10. Saturday was a lot of bodybuilding upper body work, which no man will ever hate, but it really became an exercise in seeing how long I could put off the mile for time. On incredibly rough legs, I was not expecting this to go well at all. Somehow, just like last weeks 4x500m row, I managed to squeeze out a solid effort. Though this is technically over a :30 PR, the first time I tested this was really a cop out, so I’m not sure I can really take the credit for that. Either way, a 10 lb. pr on squat, then a nearly sub-6 mile for time is a solid combination that shows me that AthleteWOD is getting me where I need to be, as those are both very different tests.

Weekend in Photos






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