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Posted by on Dec 8, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music, Music and Rants

Shoulder Internal Rotation (My Journey)

Shoulder Internal Rotation (My Journey)

This is a semi-ironic post for me to be writing because I’ve spent my last 48 hours now on a couch doing absolutely nothing. It isn’t so much that I’m not motivated, because I’m incredibly motivated, but after all this time and injury – when I get back I want to be sure I’m 100% so I can go for as long as possible without taking more unnecessary time off. In that vein, I want to talk about shoulders. Next to back injuries, I think shoulders are the most common Crossfit complaint. There’s a good reason, the shoulder is incredibly delicate, there are many connections coming in from all different directions, it has a huge range of motion, we demand a lot of strength out of our shoulders potentially putting it in unsupported positions and asking it to be stable, and many people don’t have full range of motion and don’t even realize it. I am one of the latter, I thought my shoulder range of motion was pretty good, and in general it is, but my left shoulder specifically is missing internal rotation, and as you’ll see in the following videos, that can cause a roll over and a breaking of the upper back and thoracic muscles which just breaks the chain and leads to inefficient movement and injury. Here is a great post about why full range of motion is important in Crossfit and life.

I started here; a quick search on MWOD of “internal rotation.”

You should definitely watch all three parts of the internal rotation series. These have helped me reclaim a ton of internal rotation, especially if I have a super friend around to step on my deltoid for me.

Part I

Part II

Part III

From there I moved onto other parts of the thoracic spine and shoulder mobility. Including this video which presents a pretty unique way at getting in behind the scapula, though it looks quite painful. I wasn’t able to give this one a go before I got hurt, but I intend to try it shortly after I get back.

Finally I think it’s a good point to end on – this video is titled “It’s not just absolute position it’s stability as well.” Which I sort of touched on in my opening, if you can mobilize yourself into absolutely ridiculous positions, that’s great and you can probably make some good money in the circus, but it doesn’t mean shit as an athlete if you aren’t stable and cannot support that flexibility in a functional way. It’s important to bring things back around and realize we do all this work to end up a better, more efficient athlete. If you have good stable shoulders and are able to use them efficiently but still suck at thrusters, look elsewhere, don’t try and find more where you’re already getting 90%. Hopefully that made sense.

That’s more or less my thoughts for the day – I didn’t work out, I barely moved and I feel terrible about it. I hobbled up and down my driveway a couple times, I might pick up one of these resistance bands here in a bit just to try and get some blood flowing, but its tough to try and motivate myself, especially when I trip over something in my living room and end up in throbbing pain for the next 30 minutes. Recovery is an interesting road, I feel as if I’ll learn a lot about myself in the next 3 weeks.

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