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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Rant, WOD

STL Throwdown Night 2: A Night of Seconds

STL Throwdown Night 2: A Night of Seconds

I should be asleep right now, or at the very least on the other side of the shower…instead I was compelled to write about tonight before the euphoric high wears off and every part of my body hurts. Tonight was awesome, for a number of reasons, entirely different WOD’s gave the competitions a new flavor, being at our home box was huge, this was the perfect way to end a week that started off so gloomy. First – a shoutout to my team; Matt, Megan (sp?), and Jo – you guys kick ass. Okay pleasantries aside, I was terrified tonight, about 5 hours before the competition was supposed to start I had numbing agents injected into my finger and a hole sliced into it to drain it of fluid. Gross, I know, I took pictures – I’m not going to post them. Needless to say I wasn’t sure I’d be able to grab a bar, let alone be competitive – adversity at it’s finest, I stepped up and was not disappointed.

Last time around I documented my whole day – mostly for myself; so this time I’ll do the same, and it looks quite different from the first time round. Firstly, I was up far earlier today, less sleep is never a good way to start a day. So up at 5:30 to get to work by 6:30; which happened! Worked until noon, nothing special there. Then home for a quick lunch and to look up the closest urgent care facility that could look at my finger. For lunch I tried to stick with what I went with last time, so it started with some almonds and dried figs. Then 2 chicken breasts, 5 strips of bacon, 6 eggs, and guacamole; plus a big bowl of broccoli and kimchi on the side. I stuck with my strategy of not wanting to have to eat before or after the WOD’s. This got derailed a little with a pre-box visit to Whole Foods which ended in a baggy of “almond energy cubes” (FUCK these are good, dangerously good) and a bottle of mineral water. Got to my box around 3:15 so that I could test the waters with my shoulder and hand. By 4:00 I had pretty much decided to go for it. Then proceeded to change, warmup, and mobilize until 6:00 when people started to show up.

Now comes the fun part.

WOD #1
100 Partner Wallballs #20/#14
50 Power Clean #75/53
25 Burpee-over-box
50 Push Press #75/53
100m sprint

This WOD was crazy fun. The light weight made it more of a lung burner than a muscle burner, but I think I preferred that, especially this close to Heart of America, my lungs are due. The way this worked was each gender (2 people) had to complete the whole thing before the next gender could start. We decided to let the ladies go first and pick up the rear. In the end I’m not sure it would’ve mattered much. The ladies found a rhythm quickly with the wallballs and frankly sailed through most of the work. I won’t lie, wallballs aren’t my forte, and adding a partner swap in there doesn’t make them better, that was the toughest part of this WOD. My partner was much lighter on his feet and took the brunt of the burpee’s for me (thanks Matt!) and I decided to stick to what I know, weight on bars. The cleans and push press were my saving grace. Team finished a solid 16:08 (#1 team finished 14:19 (WTF?!))

WOD #2
200 KB Swings #53/35
10 Rope Climbs 15′
100 Cal Row
200 Front Squats #75/53

Again – very different from last time, but very fun. The strategy here, since we were working as 4 instead of 2 this time, was to keep everyone fresh. We broke the KB Swings into 25’s which worked well I think, the rope climbs we did as 1’s and swapped in and out as people got tired or beat up, I think I did 4 but I don’t honestly remember, it was a blur. I decided since the reps were low and I didn’t need my arms much after to do them without legs as I’m quicker that way. It worked out well. The 100 cal row was tough to strategize, my initial thought was to have one person just do it to avoid the time lost to swap, that idea was dumb. We decided to do it in about 10-15 calorie increments. This worked well I think, though I don’t remember where I started nor where I stopped, I simply pulled as long and as hard as I could until I started to lose momentum, then swapped out. I think I peaked around 2500 cal/hour which I’m told is quite good? The front squats we started in sets of 15 but again with my height its next to impossible for me to keep up speed wise so I was doing sets of 10 pretty soon. Not a big deal though as rotating 4 people through we were able to keep pace just fine. Finished 17:08 (#1 finished 16:0something).

The final tally for the night has us in second place by 1 point, we started in first place by 1/2 a point if you recall. All in all I’m very pleased with us, especially since I had a bum finger, Jo probably has some iteration of a flu but doesn’t realize it, Megan did something to her hip flexor, and Matt was 100%. There’s always something though right? Most importantly was the atmosphere, even in the midst of the competitive side people stopped to cheer those struggling, specifically on the rope climbs. These guys were fighting that rope like it had 7 heads and wanted to eat their young, they gave 120% and the whole room knew it. I saw someone with a video camera, when that gets up to youtube I’ll post it. It was awesome and probably the best part of the night. In the end, the competition is great and fuels the fire, but the sport and the general demeanor of everyone involved is what keeps me coming back. Crossfit, though I’m recent to it, has been one of the most positive outlets I have come across, and the more you give it, the more it spits back. Good show all, can’t wait for HOA and the final comp day on the 9th!

P.S. Not to ruin the moment but sorry for the pictures – apparently iPhone’s shutter speed isn’t very fast and wouldn’t you know there’s not a lot of good “standing around” shots at a Crossfit Comp. At least there’s none of my gross as finger!

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