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Posted by on Apr 4, 2013 in #AskGrizzly, Master, Music and Rants, Paleo Lifestyle, Product Reviews, Rant

The Grizzly Guide to Bulletproof Coffee (For One)

The Grizzly Guide to Bulletproof Coffee (For One)

Well I’ve now been asked about this several times, pretty much every time I mention it. First let’s start with how to brew a proper pot of French Press – the Barbell Shrugged guys tackled this as a Daily BS not too long ago.

That’s the basics. Now the rest is a bit of a photo essay on the subject.

Step 1: Boil Water


I like to use an electric kettle because it’s quicker and easier than a gas range and tea kettle – but really any method of boiling water is sufficient – if you have an open fire pit and a rusted hubcap you’re good to go!

Step 2: Grind Some Bean





This is arguably the most important part. The first point here is the nothing beats a good grind and when it comes to grinding there’s nothing better than a conical burr grinder, it doesn’t “chop” the beans into submission, it gently obliterates them, leaving a much smoother brew and a fuller more complete extraction. Second, you want to be able to control the size of the grind, for French Press you want a pretty course grind, much coarser than a drip or espresso would take, I think they measure in mm but my grinder has a little dial which is nice. So now we have beans and water.

Step 3: Brew Some Coffee



This is pretty simple right…grounds + water = coffee? Yes and no. You want to give the water about 2-3 minutes to cool once it’s hit a rolling boil. Coffee is best brewed at about 205 degrees, obviously water boils at 212, so you need to give it a little chance to cool. Other than that just pour and watch for the bloom. A good bloom means fresh beans and a proper grind – delicious!

Step 4: Wait…


Seriously… 4 to 4.5 minutes to get full extraction, I usually stir once about half way in to make sure everything is melding properly.

Step 5: Add Your Fats



Now the true Bulletproof recipe calls for MCT oil not coconut oil, but coconut oil is so much better! It’s only about 70% MCT so you’re still getting a pretty hefty dose, plus the extra virgin variety tastes so good with coffee and I get it in 54 oz. tubs so it’s not like I’m running out anytime soon. I don’t know what MCT oil would taste like, I’m guessing it’s pretty tasteless. As I said last night, I usually shoot for about 3 tbsp of each Kerrygold and coconut oil – that’s a toooon of fat I literally run on the stuff all morning until my first meal around 12:30.

Step 6: Blend!


This is a step until recently I had more or less ignored. What could blending possibly do? Obviously just stirring with a spoon does a decent job of mixing up the fats for about 20 seconds, but then it all separates back out, it doesn’t emulsify. The blender takes it a HUGE leap forward, emulsifying those fats so they don’t separate back out. I’m not sure if it makes a functional difference, but it makes a nice froth and I think it tastes better. I use a stick blender which is about 1/3 the price of a real blender and works great for this purpose. If you already have a blender it will work too. It’s all up to you. I think the stick blender is easier and far less hassle.

Step 7: Reflect Bullets


That’s it – we’re done! You’re ready to wrestle bears…or write blog know whatever floats your boat. Have fun peeps!


  1. MCT Oil is pretty much tasteless. However, for someone who is not used to it, expect a laxative effect! I’ve used both and prefer coconut oil.

  2. So do you use in the mornings as a meal replacement or just as calorie dense version of coffee that you drink alongside with your breakfasts?

    Everything I see suggests uses for BPC as a hold-over, so to speak, to get you through the morning. It’s highly touted in the Lean Gains community.

    I had my first cup this morning and seriously blew my expectations out of the water. I was super impressed with how good it was. The coconut oil adds such a good aroma too.

    • Dan,

      Cool name bro. I drink it in the mornings instead of breakfast really – I’ve never been a breakfast eater, in the past I’ve forced stuff down, for about 2 years I just did nothing but water until about noon. Now I front load with BPC at about 50-60g of fat and it runs me through till about 12:30-1:00. I’ve never tried it with food but I’d imagine that could get really rich quick.

      • Thanks man! I love breakfast and eat roughly about 600-700 calories at 5:30/6am. I don’t think I’m going to be giving it up anytime soon, even with the BPC. Maybe it’ll give me the edge to get me past those mid mornings cravings.

        Anyway, love the site, check it daily, and wish you all the best.

  3. Just made my first BPC unreal all so had 2poached eggs and gluten free sausage, will see how the body reacts, will post later.
    Love the site

  4. Do you find that blending the coconut oil and coffee lowers the temp on BPC? Just curious and looking forward to trying my first BPC this weekend!

    • No not at all really. I mean I’m sure it does drop the temperature a little, but hot coffee doesn’t just turn to lukewarm coffee that quick. It’s still plenty hot after the blender. Some of the nicer blenders (blendtec/vitamix) have a soup setting that will actually spin fast enough to keep liquid warm through friction.

  5. Female here I had one cup of this stuff and I don’t like feeling speedy or jittery.
    VERY STRONG coffee yikes! So the next day I literarily only had maybe 4 sips
    of coffee and was wired for hours on end? I added the golds butter did it all right
    what the heck is in this stuff? Do we even know where it comes from, somewhat
    a bit skeptical what is in this?

    • I’m not sure what beans you’re using – if you went out and bought the bulletproof beans then I have no experience there. It could be that you’ve used a very potent bean. I once bought espresso beans by mistake and had some terrible headaches before I put the two together. You can also brew it weaker by using fewer beans/grounds. It seems as though your caffeine tolerance might be quite low, so I would err on the side of caution until you figure out where you sit.

  6. I am not a coffee drinker at all, ever in my life! I am searching all over the internet to find out how to make bulletproof coffee and keep getting the basic directions, however no one says how much water to ground coffee bean ratio???

    • The reason you don’t find this information is that its largely dependent on the bean, brew type, and user preference. For instance if you have a finely ground bean, that you’re going to use for espresso, you obviously use a lot of bean per water. Versus a course grind for french press, you use a lot more water to ground bean. You’ll have to look up the particular brew method you are using and tune it to your strength preferences for the coffee. There’s no perfect answer for bulletproof coffee. You can make anything bulletproof. Ideally its french press or drip.

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