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Posted by on Feb 10, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music and Rants, Rant

The Grizzly Way 130210 (All Good Things)

The Grizzly Way 130210 (All Good Things)

Before I dive into my usual rant about training, life and the like; I need to hash out some semantics. I’m still going to label my posts with date tags and some parenthetical summary, now that I’m doing individual programming, it truly is specific to me and this blog – behold “The Grizzly Way.” This will obviously require some changes to the site, and some of the info pages but really should result in no real change or disruption for you readers. In related topics, I already talked to Mike about posting his programming and he was more than on board, in his eyes this programming is mine to handle as I choose and really would be useless to anyone else – so that’s that.

photo 1-1

There are literally hundreds of metaphors for embarking on something new, they all involve some strange imagery involving boats, men on horses, chapters in books, and a number of equally thought provoking diorama’s. I will ignore my instinct to jump on one of these and simply say that this weekend was a marker, everything before tomorrow is old, it represents a past that I have embraced and learned from. Whereas; tomorrow represents the new, a future filled with opportunity, ambition and discipline. Lot’s and lot’s of discipline and hard work.

photo 2-1

Volume-wise this weekend was not at all what I expected, I was certain Mike would want to assess my ‘energy systems.’ In my head I was ready for multiple days of long, medium and short conditioning work, in addition to some strength assessments. I’m not saying this in an “I’m disappointed” way, mostly just differing expectations. That being said I did some light conditioning Friday afternoon, and none yesterday. When CTP asked me last night if I was down to train today, I was pumped to hit some conditioning work with him. We did “Helen” which I haven’t actually done since my “On-Ramp” week, so I have no idea if I improved, though I’d wager I have.

3 Rounds for Time
400m run
21 KBS 24kg
12 Pull-ups


I was sad to leave Memphis today, mostly because it was the first purely selfish trip I’d ever taken, just for me. Not only that, but it was great to nerd out on Crossfit for 48 hours, for this brief weekend it was my only concern, I turned off my work e-mail and tried to simply absorb all I could, if I retain even 10% it will have been worth it. Tomorrow will start the first day of real training, so my goal tonight was to eat up, sleep well, mobilize and come at it hard. It will be an interesting 4 week cycle.

MFS | 1-2-2

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