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Posted by on May 27, 2014 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Recovery, Strength Training, WOD

The Letter “O”

The Letter “O”

I’ve been tossing a lot of ideas around lately, ways of attacking weaknesses, ideas for improving on the base I’ve built this last year, etc. The common trend I’ve found, just by accident, is that I’m now looking at optimization. Last year was a pretty brute force way of doing things, take what I know, apply it as well as I can, and just overcome the rest with energy and effort. It ended up almost ruining me, the time and energy it took out of me was far greater than those around me. It doesn’t need to be like that, it shouldn’t be like that. So coming at it again this year I’m trying to be a little smarter, takes some of the lessons I’ve learned and apply them, prune where I can prune, and make sure to reinforce the things that need reinforcement. This are pretty big picture descriptions so I’m going to try and boil things down.


Let’s take the example of mobility, I literally used to mobilize for 40-60 minutes, daily, before training. I hit everything, more than everything. I’d be making 2nd and 3rd passes sometimes. Largely this was inexperience, and a poor application of effort. Now I’ve started to hone, I know the 20 minutes I need to do to get in and start moving well, so thats what I’ll do. Things like the Crossover Symmetry also help to come in, run through a protocol and be set to go. Optimization. This year is brought to you by the letter “O” for optimization, we’re taking the broad lessons of last year, and refining them. Sleep, supplements, diet, training, mobility – literally everything. I’m finding ways of taking the same amount of energy and getting the most for it. Hopefully I can find some stuff to pass on to you guys, because this is the stuff I really geek out on.

A. Squat Snatch @ 92% 1RM or higher – 3 singles; rest 2 minutes between reps
4 Rounds for time:
400m Row
400m Run
3:26, 7:30, 12:01, 16:13
A. Clean Pulls; 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1; rest 2 minutes
295, 315, 335, 315, 335, 345
Airdyne :30/:30 x20
290 cal
A. Squat Snatch – Build to a 1RM
2K Row
C. Strict Handstand Push-ups: AMRAP unbroken reps x 10 sets; rest 90 seconds
7, 6, 6, 5, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 3 – 46
Airdyne :30/:30 x22
321 cal

Let’s digest this last week of training. I think I’m finally starting to adapt to the AthleteWOD way of life, and its going pretty well. Mike used to load me really heavily, to the point where we had to unload quite often, every 4th week to be exact. It worked until it didn’t, I like that some days are just days to come in and work, some days are more of a strength challenge, others are a skill challenge, but its never all at once. It’s different and I think I reacted strongly to that change at first, but its growing on me. Monday’s snatch work felt good at that weight, which is nice because a couple weeks ago I was definitely in the ground when I shouldn’t have been. Tuesdays have consistently been a day to just come in and work, just sweat, low skill, high conditioning. I mentioned last week that I probably should’ve gone heavier on Clean Pulls, so this week I really tried to hold myself accountable to that, heavy as possible with good technique.

Thursday and Sunday are still officially “Rest” days – but because I’m insane, I’ve determined that :30/:30 airdyne intervals are “restful” enough for me to touch here. I’ve been tracking my diet, weight and resting heart rate, so if it starts to be too much I’ll hopefully be able to catch it and back off in time. I really loved having consistent airdyne work as part of my programming this year, and its not something I’m prepared to part with. Plus the combo of Airdyne and Marc Pro is kind of addictive to me. Friday was a great day – I got into grad school, right before a holiday weekend, and I PR’d my snatch (+5lbs) and my 2k row (-1 second). Two things that seem to be improvements in two different directions at once. If we look at the 2k a little more closely though, I think this is largely just a product of being in a better space with rest, diet, etc than the last time I tested it. On paper, this is not the time in a season I should be good at 7 minutes of max effort work, that’s Open style conditioning. So rather than attributing that PR to being in better shape, I think it makes much more sense to attribute that to better habits and just well being. Still a good day. Saturday was back to strict gymnastics, something I definitely need to work on. I would’ve preferred to sweat on Saturday, but maybe thats why the Sunday airdyne works so well, its a nice counterpoint for the weekend.


Celebratory Fro-yo, more or less just a vessel for brownie delivery! My meal prep is getting kind of out of hand. Is it possible to be too good at something?




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