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Posted by on Nov 10, 2012 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, Recipe

Throwdown STL – Part 3 (121102)

Throwdown STL – Part 3 (121102)

For starters – normally on a competition day, as with the past two Throwdown’s I go do the Outlaw BB Gymnastics, and/or strength work and just skip the conditioning work. This week was a bit different because of the deload protocols. There was no BB Gymnastics or programmed strength movements – just a mean looking conditioning WOD.


5 Min max height box jump

Muscle Ups
Front Squats at 250

5 Min max heigh box jump

I honestly have no idea how that would’ve gone, 10 minutes to do those front squats would be beastly, not to mention muscle ups – which I don’t even have yet. I would probably scale the front squats down to 205 and do banded muscle ups. Maybe that’s what I’ll do Sunday instead of 121103 because I won’t have a day off before 121105. So I’m thinking Sunday will be 1RM C&J then this WOD. Thoughts? I’m probably over thinking this.

If you followed yesterday – you saw that I started a batch of bone broth, which I love, its fantastic cold weather food, it feels nourishing and hearty. I use the NomNomPaleo slow cooker bone broth recipe but this time I used parsnips because I had them instead of carrots. Also, last time I fucked this up big time, I slow cooked it on “high” which turned the fat gross and rancidy almost, and it browned the vegetables such that the final product was a little unpleasant. This time I used “low” which is recommended, and I let it go for about 24 hours. The results were much more amenable, I just hope I got all the nutrients out of the bones, when I see all that marrow left in the bone I feel like I’ve left something behind. Hopefully not though.

As soon as I got the bone broth strained and out of the slow cooker, I turned right around and had to throw together my pork shoulder/carnitas recipe because it has to be ready for my “blogiversary” dinner tomorrow night. So here’s the results so far. Step 1, cut holes in pork roast and stuff with ginger chunks and gloves of garlic. Step 2, salt & pepper then brown all sides in a pan. Step 3, while browning put 3 habanero, coconut milk, onion, chipotle, garlic, apple juice, orange juice, lime juice, ginger and coconut aminos in the blender. Step 4, transfer pork shoulder to the slow cooker, coat with blender contents. Boom, set for 18 hours. I have absolutely no idea how this will taste yet, so don’t make this for at least 18 hours until I have a chance to put it in my mouth.

Wow, I probably should’ve split this into at least 2 different posts, but I’m lazy so that’s not happening. Just keep scrolling it’s not that hard. Time to recap the actual conditioning work I did today. The leadership at the 3 affiliates in the Crossfit STL family got together a few months back and decided to do this bi-weekly throwdown series, the first was out in Fenton at Xtra Mile, the second was at my home box Crossfit STL, and this last one was out in Chesterfield and Crossfit ICE, which I learned today is named appropriately because it’s located in an ice rink. Shocker right? Going into tonight our team of 4 was placed 2nd from the first two series, so we had a bit of a fire behind us. That being said, the WOD’s were weird and hard to figure out if you were winning or losing or neither?

Each set of the Throwdown has had 2 WOD’s – tonight was a bit of an exception but not really, the WOD’s that counted for the Throwdown scoring were..

WOD #1
4 Minutes of team max-effort double unders; one person working at a time then…

I did NOT have my double unders tonight – I’m going to blame it on my calves being tight from Wednesday’s 3 miles, but I probably was just distracted/not focusing/doing something awfully wrong.

WOD #2
10 Minute AMRAP of an obstacle course. The first set of partners (one male/one female) had to bear crawl to a KB then do as many UB reps of SDHP as possible, then over a 7′ wall from HOA, then bear crawl to a barbell with 75/53 to do as many UB reps of thrusters as possible. Then run back over the wall and tag out. The second set of partners had to crab walk to a slam ball and do as many UB ball slams as possible, then over the same wall, crab walk to the wall, then as many UB HSPU’s as possible, then run back and over the wall again and tag out. Finally the first set of partners did wheel barrows to pushups, then over the wall, then wheel barrow, then thruster weight back squats, then back over the wall and tag out. This would continue with tagging out and swapping until 10 minutes was up.

Weird right? First, never seen those animal movements as part of a WOD, normally they’re just thrown in as warmups – so that threw me off. Second, idea of an AMRAP with UB reps was a bit strange, because you wanted to keep moving efficiently time wise but you also wanted to keep your rep counts high, which are contradictory when you think about it. Instead of grinding out reps, its more efficient rep wise to move to the next station ideally into a movement you’re fresher on. Here’s the thing, 10 minutes goes really quickly, so we didn’t even get through an entire round, and the set of partners in the middle only got to work once. In my mind this should’ve been at least 20 minutes long, if not longer so you’re actually challenged to push passed some fatigue barriers, the way it sat I was 1 & 3 and hardly felt like I’d done any work. Oh well.

WOD #3
100 cal row
100 deadlifts (165/115)
100 K2E
100 ground to overhead (115/85)
100 box jumps
15 minute cap

This was thrown in as a “bonus” basically it didn’t count to the Throwdown total, it was more or less a cash out and wasn’t even judged. That being said – I didn’t do much work so I was really looking forward to getting a good sweat going. I’m a pretty good rower, and I like rowing, so I started rowing for our team, but the rower shut off right at the start buzzer, so not only was the wind out of my sails but we had no concept of what was appropriate to row to. We ended up rowing to 60 cal I think, of the 60 I did the first 40, it felt good to row hard for 60 seconds. I finished out our teams deadlifts with a set of 30 @ 165, which also felt great, quick and smooth. K2E I am NOT good at, a lot of those rig pullup/k2e/t2b type movements mess with my mojo. Today seemed to be the exception, I got into a fairly decent kipping rhythm and got to do a few sets of 10 no problem. Obviously the easiest way to do ground to overhead is a power snatch, I wasn’t sure how my arms would feel after the K2E so I started doing C&J and did the first 10 no problem, then I tried power snatching. I let go of my hook grip at the top of snatches, so when I came down at set 4 or 5 my hip drive blew the bar right out of my hands…next set was hook grip all the way through. None of the teams got to the box jumps. So that was that, I think our team finished at 76 reps of the 100. Still got a good bit of work in.

Quick cleanup left us nothing but to await the winners. First round of winners announced was the top team from each affiliate. We won that, the prize was a nasty 35lb skull KB that I guess they’re going to write our names on – immortalized. Second round of winners were the overall winners by points, all top 3 teams were from or associated with Crossfit STL – which is awesome I think coach David would be proud. We ended up in first after the day, which felt good, it wasn’t the HoA podium but a podium is a podium. More importantly it was fun – really fun. I hope things like this continue, not only does it foster a great community at the affiliates and between them; but also keeps the taste of competition in your mouth which makes me hungry for more.



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