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Posted by on Nov 18, 2012 in Master, Music and Rants, Rant

Weekend Update

Weekend Update

Being sick blows – but everyone knows that and no one wants to read a post about being sick, which is exactly why I didn’t post anything yesterday. I woke up at 10, went to work, got home at 6 ate some dinner and went to sleep. Nothing special there. Snooze fest. Luckily today I am not only feeling better but I got out of work early – that is never a bad thing. Also on the good news front, I think I have full control of my anterior deltoid again, which means front rack and I have a date on Monday. Rather than push my luck and try and squeeze in Saturday’s work today, I figure it would be smarter and better to finish resting for today and come back Monday as close to 100% as I can manage. So watch out Monday – you don’t know what’s coming.

I’ve also started pouring my extra TV energy into pursuits of knowledge, namely a couple write ups I’m doing for LeanGains, What’s In the Bag part III, GrizzlyStrong Thanksgiving, and more Paleo pro-tips. I’m really trying to concentrate my energy on things I care about – this blog in particular so hopefully this next month or so will be exciting.

I’m so pumped for Thanksgiving, I’ve been cooking a ton lately and I’m excited to put all that knowledge and energy into a meal with my family filled with Paleo goodness. They won’t even know…

That’s it for weekend update – sorry I’m not as funny as Seth Myers, but I’m sure he’s sorry he doesn’t have my beard. Stay tuned tonight for a write-up about shoes, and get ready to kill it Monday.

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