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Posted by on Apr 3, 2014 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, Recovery, Strength Training, WOD

What Now?

What Now?

About 99% of us, who did really well this year, but didn’t quite reach the top of the Regional ladder, are now faced with an important question. What Now? You had this goal, you’ve been focused on it, trained hard, peaked appropriately, but came up a bit short. First and foremost, failure is part of the game, it’s a climb, and in this climate of competitive exercise, it’s a long climb, filled with lots of people who work really hard. Second, it’s time to face facts and make a decision; do you have the time and energy to recommit to this for another year, or is it time to just exercise?

Today I hope to answer these for myself. First, I’m okay with where I landed this year, certainly a MILE ahead of where I was last year, different people coming out of the open more or less. The skills, the strength, the capacity. I have to appreciate that. Second, knowing the field is so dense, and getting denser every year, competing against guys doing this twice as long, I might’ve been a little naive thinking I could gain so much ground so quickly without having any kind of athletic background.


This episode of BBShrugged was all about this stage of the game. What to do now?

The first thing everyone seems to agree on, is that now is the time to take some time to reflect, recenter, and do what you want, do what feels good, work back down, find home base again. For me, that meant cooking again, not meal prep, but actually cooking. It meant taking a day off (my first in months), and figuring out what I want the next year to look like. Where are my goals, how can I achieve them. Goals here, does not mean Crossfit only, though that was a part of the exercise, it meant everything, graduate school, my personal life, my career. Having goals is just a part of life, and taking time to set realistic and meaningful ones is important.


Then I started to make some decisions, some harder than others. My primary focus this passed year was Crossfit, no doubt about that, nearly 100% of my energy, effort and time went to Crossfit and training. This next year that won’t be the case, I will hopefully be in graduate school, and my time and energy needs to be focused on that, whatever is left can go to Crossfit. Obviously people do much more with their lives, so I don’t think this means my Crossfit goals are sunk, it just means we have to go about it a bit differently. The first major difference is coaching, Mike and I have parted ways. This was my decision, and motivated purely because I can’t save money for grad school and pay for a coach. It could be the best coach in the world, I’d still be making this change. This leaves two avenues, blog programming, and the newest niche in Crossfit, small group programming. I’ve yet to make a decision here, but for now I’ll be doing Crossfit Invictus Competitors Blog programming to fill the gap. They’ve just started an off-season run, so it’s squats for me!


I think the biggest takeaway from this conversation is that while efforts might change, the goal can still be the same. I would like to break into the 95th percentile of both the region, to be clear that still would put me out of the running for individual regionals, and I’m okay with that. The way this sport has changed, it would require sacrificing too much. I think doing well while still putting energy elsewhere is totally achievable. And of course – I’ll be writing the whole thing down, along with everything interesting I come across along the way!

Here’s to 2015!


Squats and Protein! It’s a good way to start.

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