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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Lifting and Crossfit, Music and Rants, Rant

What’s in the Bag: Part I

What’s in the Bag: Part I

I’m a boy scout.

Not in the traditional sense of knowing how to tie knots, survive in the wilderness, use a compass, or in any way be of use if lost in the woods; unless you have some meat that needs eating or a bear that needs wrestling. Rather, I’m a boy scout in the sense that I always come prepared. Crossfit being no exception to that rule, I carry a rather large bag, it’s a nice bag, room for all my shoes, mobility tools, water bottles, change of clothes, crossfit toys, and even my car keys! I imagine when I go digging through my bag members of my box picture me like this;

Mary Poppin’s pulling plants and lamps out of a innocuous carpet bag. Maybe not quite that strange, but I get a fair amount of flak for all the shit I keep with me. Rather than spill this into a multi page novella about all the things in my bag, I thought it would be more informative as a running series split into themes. Today’s theme is “Uniform.”

Bottom up – I usually wear either Under Armour Football Socks or my Rogue Swiftwick socks depending on the work that day, if I’m pulling anything off the floor, long socks are a must. I like the longer football sock for my knee sleeves because the sock actually comes up and over the knee and leaves me one less thing to be distracted by. If for whatever reason it’s just a conditioning day, or maybe a rest day I prefer a regular athletic sock also from UA.

This one I’m a bit unsold on – when I first started crossfit I had several pairs of UA shorts from my days in regular gyms, I had no idea that there were so many iterations of seemingly undifferentiated shorts at but there are. I couldn’t tell you which are best, I couldn’t even tell you which I own. The major problem I had with these is that the material would get caught places, I’d snag myself on a barbell, it would catch over my knees during olympic lifts, or I’d catch it with the bar or my fingers pulling from the ground. Granted they’re built to stretch and tug so this wasn’t a major issue but an annoyance to be sure. I noticed Dave, our manager, liked to workout in his WOD shorts, those fight short looking things with big slits in the sides, so I decided to give a pair a go. I landed on these because they’re relatively understated, and check all the boxes.

Shorter Shorts
I just realized this post is incredibly sex specific, sorry ladies. Men, if you don’t WOD in compression shorts, I feel sorry for you. I’ve forgotten mine a day or two and almost just left. They’re essential. To be frank; the last thing I want to be thinking about when cleaning 240# is where my nuts are and if they’re safe. There are a lot of claims on compression now, that the increase blood flow, make your core stronger and less likely to fatigue, etc, etc. I haven’t seen the science on all of that so I’m unconvinced at the moment, but for the peace of mind of knowing your boys are safe and sound; compression is worth every damn penny. I buy the “Long” style, they have a 10″ inseam because I’m a tall guy and my femurs cover a lot of ground, but if you’re less than 6’0″ I’d guess you’d be fine with the baseline 9″ model.

I’m going to spend the least amount of space on this one, I hope. Shirts really don’t matter that much, most people WOD in t-shirts, which is fine, no problem, just not for me. I hate working out in cotton, which you’ve probably figured out by now. If you have a favorite t-shirt you wear everyday till it gets up and walks away on it’s own, great. Everyone knows by now there are hundreds of sites to find clever, funny, and ironic WOD shirts. I prefer to wear these on the weekends so when I’m grilling everyone knows what a badass I am. I stick with the generic UA loose shirt, and at $22 it’s cheaper than most WOD shirts I’ve seen.

That’s it for this installment, I think I’ll tackle either shoes or mobility tools next.


  1. I saw you made a post regarding tights as well but what are your thoughts on the different compression sock manufacturers versus compression sleeves specifically for calves? A lot of what I’ve appeared to read says that socks are more helpful than the sleeves and that there are a few different brands that seem rather comparable to performance. Have you looked at this yet? I haven’t seen a lot of quality outside opinions on the matter yet and am looking to invest once I can find enough credible resources. If you wouldn’t mind sharing any experience that you have come across, it would be greatly appreciated.

    • I haven’t explored it in the same depth as I did the tights. I have a couple pairs of the calf sleeves but mostly for pulling workouts so I don’t scrape my shins, not for the compression. I do try and run with something over my calves when it’s cold, I find that if my calves get cold and tight they get sore the next day or two. That’s really just anecdotal though. I have a pair of the BSC calfies but it looks like they don’t make them anymore. I think anything that will keep the muscle warm would do just fine. I know absolutely nothing about the socks, but it seems like a full sock would do better for circulation than just a calf sleeve as that would trap the blood in the foot possibly. Just my two cents.


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