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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music and Rants, Rant, Recovery

What’s in the Bag: Part II

What’s in the Bag: Part II

I started my What’s in the Bag series with part I, what I wear to WOD’s on a daily basis, super thrilling. Today I want to continue the series with mobility tools. I talk a TON about mobility, everyone at my box knows I love mobility, I spend at least 30 minutes a day on mobility, if not wayy wayy more. Mobility is a little more interesting that clothing, because I get to talk about tools, men love tools, gadgets, widgets, whatever you want to call them. I am included in this, new toys are fun. Painfully fun, briskety fun. MobilityWOD – love/hate. Supple leopards we will all become.

The Tools

Grid 2.0

I started my mobility work with the standard hard foam roller. It was good for about 3 weeks, and then it made a nice deep valley right smack in the middle, so now I only use it for stretches, it doesn’t actually hold any weight or press the right way anymore. I briefly considered building my own out of a PVC pipe, but that looked a bit crazy. I found the Grid from TP online and it looked like a solid mix between a bit of squishy foam and the sturdy construction of PVC. I’ve had it now for about 3 months and I’m sold, it’s great, I want 100 more of them. The best part is the 2.0 splits into two halves, one for my bag, one for home, never been happier. My quads scream with joy whenever they see it! I’m not sure that the weird foam patterns actually do anything, they all feel about the same through a pair of shorts, but the sturdy construction is more than enough to justify the price tag. Plus KStar has one, it must be awesome right??


Sometimes you need to cut the shit and man up – no foam. Most often for me this is in my hips and calves, for that I keep a smaller PVC in that slides nicely into the Grid for storage/travel. It crushes my IT band and gives my heel cords all the love they can hold. It’s not for every occasion or every person, but if you have a tough spot, give it a try. For extra fun – put it in the freezer for an hour first!

VooDoo Floss

Flossin’ – every time I whip these things out I get 100 funny looks. Why? Because they look like tourniquet a drug addict uses to find a good vein. But they work, they’ve been marvelous for me knees, patellar tendons watch the fuck out! Oh you have some epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow), crush it into submission with some VooDoo floss. MobilityWOD has a ton of videos about how to use this stuff, check it out, it’s awesome.

Lacrosse Balls

This one is short and sweet, if you have a tight spot and can’t afford a massage, boom! It’s about as good as it gets without shelling out some scrillions. I love these for my feet, my back, and my shoulders. Occasionally I’ll even use one on the front of my calf, after a ton of air squats they tighten up like the dickens! Really just anywhere you think they belong, they probably belong there. Stay out of the pain cave – these can hurt.


I don’t think this will surprise anyone, bands are in just about every Box from here to Malaysia. The skinny one is great for shoulders, hold each end in front, pull it our and touch the middle to your chest. Shoulder pass through’s not enough for you? Do them with distraction, keeping tension on that band will pull on your shoulders like none other, loosey goosey! The big one is for…bigger muscle groups. Hamstrings and hips mostly for me. Pigeon stretches with distraction, supported squat holds, pulling the piss out of your hamstrings. All good. Hard to hurt yourself but make sure you mobilize with a purpose, don’t do it just to do it.


This is a new one, honestly I know nothing about Yoga and have been turned off in the passed because of all the weird hippy shit they get into. Hemp clothing and weird incense is not my style. I found this book about Yoga for Athletes and I’m giving it a fair shot. I’m only 40 pages in so the jury is still out, but I hope to incorporate it for at least a month to see how I fair. If you’re doing it correctly, ideally, you should be getting results in as little as a week. God knows I could use it.

Next Episode – A complete review of Shoes



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